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The LÍR Whistle

A modern whistle for a new age in Irish traditional music.
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The "Lír Whistle" is inspired by nearly a thousand years of traditional celtic flutes and whistles, but has been designed with the modern player in mind. Having worked side-by-side with some of Ireland’s great whistle players, we have adapted a time honoured design to allow the player the ability to effortlessly flow across three octaves whilst maintaining a smooth tone. 


What makes the Lír whistle unique is the specially selected materials used in the body of the whistle. We use much more copper in our brass compound. This makes the whistle much stronger and in doing so creates a much more stable sound, allowing the player to push the boundaries of what the humble tin whistle can do.

All our whistles are machined by hand, then fully inspected and played by our expert players here in the west of Ireland.

About the Whistle


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Sharon Shannon 

"I'm enjoying playing my new Lír whistle. It has a lovely sweet tone and  plays nicely in tune with itself."

Adam Rhodes
Adam Rhodes.jpg

"I was needing a solid tunable whistle that could keep it's tuning well and was loud enough to cut through a 12-piece band in arenas. I gave the Lír a go and wasn't disappointed! It doesn't only sound great, but also looks great and feels good to play.  A quality instrument!"

Joanie Madden.jpg

"Very impressive! It can take all the pressure, its very well rounded and I am very impressed! Lovely whistle and I highly recommend it."


"It's a nice whistle and can take loads of pressure. I'm enjoying playing it and looking forward to playing live music again and giving it a good blast"


"Whistle arrived - Love it! And thanks for the T-Shirt! I love the slightly smoky silver colour and the weight of it - I'll pop up a video soon"


"Really loving the Lir Whistle - it looks and feels fantastic and the voice is just beautiful. A rich, warm and resonant sound and perfectly clear - ideal for recording and great volume for live performances too. Very impressed! I'll be back for the A whistle soon!"


"A sweet tone and a sturdy, decorative body which feels great to play. I was excited to try Lír and it did not disappoint."

Anxo Lorenzo 2.jpg
Anxo Lorenzo

"Very happy and pleasantly surprised with my new Lír tin whistle . A traditional sound with great chromatic possibilities adapted to the needs of the most demanding professional interpreters. Very balanced in both octaves, comfortable and tunable. The best Irish tin whistle I have ever played with an incredible feeling when you touch its body and embouchure. Totally recommended"

 Sibéal Ní Chasaide

"As an Irish musician I find The Lír whistle to be exactly what I need. The Lír whistle not only looks good but its sound amazes."

Stephen Doherty.jpg

"I have to say I'm very happy with it! Its a lovely heavy whistle, nice and dense and got a good weight to it. Its got nice tuning, nice tone and nice control in the high notes. Id have to say that id I highly recommend it."

Ali Levack.jpg

"I've got a couple of the whistles. I love the weight of them and find that all of the whistles are really reasonably priced. They are mellow and overall really love them"


"I recently got a C and Eb Lir whistles and have to say they really look like a premium whistle. Lovely weight to it which holds it in place very well. Tuning is perfect and the Tuning slide is fantastic and essential these days. It has a lovely soft tone and can also take whatever wind power you throw at it. I am delighted to recommend these whistles and made in the west of Ireland too."


"Loving my new Lír A whistle! Haven't put it down in days. A joy to play with a lovely mellow tone that can handle the slow tunes as well as it can handle the faster stuff. Didn't own an A whistle before this so it's a welcome addition to my collection and will definitely be using this on stage in the near future. Thanks lads" 

whistle tutor.jpg

"Lír has managed to design and build an instrument that is at the same time easy to play, easy to control, and physically well balanced so that beginners can dive in and the advanced player can push the whistle to their limits. Truly a professional instrument that will last you through your musical journey." 


"Wow! Beautiful beautiful whistle guys. Its gorgeous to play... Its a dream... Another touch I was delighted with was my name engraved on the side of it. Played it a gig last night and fabulous. Míle Buíochas!"


"I just got home and what a gorgeous surprise!!! My goodness thank you... and the the engraving is such a lovely touch! It sounds really great and I am looking forward to playing it!"

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